Civil engineering and transport

Author of the topic: dr hab. inż. Janusz Krentowski, prof. PB:   +48 602 361 917,   j.krentowski [at]


  1. Analysis of the methodology of the degradation stage assessment of structural elements in historic buildings on the basis of published monographs and scientific and professional articles.
  2. Review of methodology and available research equipment adapted to various design solutions.
  3. Selection of the existing historic objects in terms of the possibility of carrying out destructive and non-destructive testing.
  4. Research methodology development and implementation of “in situ” and laboratory tests aimed at assessing the actual strength parameters and physical properties of materials obtained from historic substances.
  5. Impact identification of materials and connections degradation on the real static schemes of structural elements and systems.
  6. Effort assessment of structural elements and systems, taking into account the results of the conducted tests.
  7. Conclusions and guidelines presentation regarding the universality of application of the developed research and computational methodology.